This site is a continuation of my, Steve Isenberg, personal learning journey, not an end to itself. It is for people who are currently studying one of three major schools of the Chinese internal arts. My purpose is to provide information related to preserving one's health and developing skill on a personal level as opposed to the martial aspect of the arts. It should, however, provide information to assist any person studying the internal martial arts regardless of one's goals.

Knowledge and information about the Chinese internal martial arts will be shared with all those interested who find their way to this web site. My intention is to stay away from anything too esoteric and stick to the practical as I feel this is where the internal arts have the most benefit to people. Primarily, this site will be concerned with Ba Gua (Pa Kua), Xing Yi, and Taiji (Tai Chi).

Typically, in a classroom or kwoon, the teacher determines the pace and the content. They decide the scope, the approach, when to break, and if one has learned the material satisfactorily. This is fine for those situations when the material is completely new to an individual or when it is necessary to transmit bulk information to a group of students. However, the responsibility of learning is on the student, not on the teacher. Teachers are a guide, an important resource. As learners, we must acquire a base of knowledge and experience for organization and reference. As learners, we should be aware of our motivations, our needs, and recognize not only what we know, but also what we do not know. Remember, it is your learning, take responsibility for it. We should all strive to become active, not passive learners. This site should help those who are seeking to expand their understanding of the internal arts, by presenting theory and technique. If done properly, the synthesis of the two will enable us all to improve.

What you see is an extension of my learning process and hopefully, will add something of value to yours. Remember, we are each responsible for our own learning. Take charge of it and make it enjoyable.

Whether learning the internal arts, or simply exploring this site it is best to proceed without expectations or preconceived notions. Feel free to stop back and explore as often as you like.

-- SSI

"Learning is the very essence of humility, learning from everything and everybody. There is no hierarchy in learning. Authority denies learning and a follower will never learn."
-- J. Krishnamurti