I began the study of martial arts rather late in life, 38 years old in fact. Initially, I pursued Taiji and discovered Bagua. Bagua peaked my interest but like many students I drifted off as I didn't feel at the time that Taiji was giving me what I needed. Instead I pursued the Pai Lum Kung Fu system for two+ years which provided a solid foundation in Kung Fu fundamentals. Eventually, I was able to study Bagua again and did so exclusively for the next four years. This training emphasized the fundamentals of Bagua and building the foundational skills that would prove valuable later on in my practice.

However, that training ceased and I embarked on self-study for the next several years. Progress was slow although I managed to maintain my discipline. Much of the material on this site came about during that period. Eventually, I found my way back to Taiji in the form of private lessons with Master Jose Johnson and also began to study Xing Yi. That training also went on hiatus when I began working and living in DC. Fortunately, I kept my ties to the Central PA area and was able to return to limited study with Master Johnson. Finally, in 2012 I returned to the mid-state area full-time and began more concentrated study and practice once again.

Student of Master Jose Johnson continuously since 2011 studying Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua.

  • Second degree black belt in the Internal Curriculum (Taiji)
  • First degree black belt in the Adult Kung Fu program
  • First degree black belt from International Wushu Sanshoudao Association (learn more)

Studied Sun style Tai Chi and Xing Yi with Master Jose Johnson for two years prior to living and working in Washington, DC.