Taijiquan for Everyone

If you found your way to this site you probably already know what Taiji (Tai Chi) is or at least have some idea. As such, I will keep the intro short and try to provide information that is of practical value to your practice and understanding of the art. Taijiquan is both a martial art and a health maintenance art. In the west most people practice it for the later. Some people teach it with martial applications but not many desire to know it for that reason. Most good teachers have at least a working knowledge of the applications of Taiji.

Knowing or at least having a rudimentary understanding of the application origin of the movements is helpful to even those students who pursue it strictly for health benefits. It can benefit everyone to aid in focusing the mind, the breathing and the body and their integration. The art is sometimes referred to as meditative movement that combines breathing and energy circulation. For those interested in preventive techniques for remaining healthy it is useful for regulating the entire body to prevent illness. Also, because the movements are generally practiced slow with low impact it makes a good recovery exercise.

I don't ascribe anything magical to Taiji or Qigong exercises. On the links provided you will find articles outlining how the practice is helpful. For this introduction the practice acts as a good total body exercise. Most importantly, the gentle turning movements act to massage the internal organs while loosening up the spine, expanding the lungs to increase the flow of oxygen and help reduce tension. Additional info is provided in the menu links. Explore and comeback often and thanks for visiting!