Yin Yang Medical Qigong

Beginner Level and Seniors

Created and Taught by Master Jiang, Jian-ye

The form is simple, but the movements do not stand-alone. The movements are linked intimately with the other three elements to effect proper practice and gain benefit of this form. The simplicity of the movements affords the practitioner the opportunity to focus on coordinating the breath, the mind and the body. However, do not overlook the importance of correct body alignment. Correct posture will enhance the ability to relax, and be balanced. It also allows the breath to be smooth and stable. This in turn allows the mind to focus on energy flow. In the progression of learning this Qigong, first concentrate on the physical mechanics or what is often referred to as “regulating the body.” When basic body principles and movements are mastered it will be easier to incorporate breathing and use the imagination to work the flow of energy.

In stillness be like the pine.
In movement be like clouds and water.

  1. Big Roc Stretches Wings
    1. Movement – relax, open left foot shoulder width apart; raise arms out to sides then overhead, stretch legs, torso, and arms Drop (1) shoulders, (2) elbows, then (3) wrists; both hands push down and relax the body; bend knees slightly and tuck in stomach.
    2. Imagination – you are a big bird stretching your wings; your whole body is very light while you fly in the sky, higher and higher. Imagine your body has no weight, is empty –gravity does not pull on you.
    3. Breathing – as deeply as possible inhale as body stretches (raise arms); exhale as body relaxes (lower arms).
    4. Energy – raise arms and pull yin energy from earth. As arms reach apex connect yin energy with yang energy from sky. As you lower arms push old energy out of your body. Think fresh energy enters body and pushes stale energy out of body.
  2. Lotus Flower Emerges from Water
    1. Movement – raise arms and stretch legs, torso, and heads; arms out to side at shoulder level, palms face down. Pull arms back by relaxing shoulders, drop elbows, bend knees (sink down), tuck in stomach, palms face out, relax. Push hands out to side, stretch whole body then slowly drop hands down, make whole body comfortable.
    2. Imagination – pretend you are lotus flower standing on water, as your arms rise you are opening your leaves; imagine your head is the flower and is opening as you stretch upwards. As the water rises, pull in your leaves and begin to sink as the water rises over your head. Once again, the flower emerges from the water and pushes it outward then slowly rises to stand on the water.
    3. Breathing – Inhale as you rise and stretch; exhale as body pulls in and sinks; inhale again as you rise and push out; exhale as you drop and relax.
    4. Energy – bring fresh energy up and then into body; push old energy out and then push it down.
  3. Goldfish Wiggles Tail
    1. Movement – slowly raise arms in front then up, add whole body stretch. Push hands down; begin by dropping shoulders, then elbows, and finally hands.
    2. Imagination – imagine you are a fish swimming in water using your tail to move. You are weightless; water surrounds you as you swim gracefully through the water.
    3. Breathing – inhale as you stretch up, exhale as you push down.
    4. Energy – bring fresh energy into body as you rise, when you lower push bad energy from inside to the outside.
  4. Make Ripples and Waves
    1. Movement – raise arms in front to shoulder level, stretch. Hands pull back to chest, bend elbows and bend knees. Push hands out, body lean forward and stretch, legs are straight. Straighten body (pull weight back to center) then push hands down (palms down) while you relax entire body.
    2. Imagination – imagine you are making the waves and ripples in the ocean. When water closes in towards you pull hands back to chest; push water away from you making the waves and the ripples; then push water down and imagine you are standing on the water.
    3. Breathing – inhale stretch out, pull back exhale, push out inhale, and push down while exhaling.
    4. Energy – bring new energy up and then into body; push old energy out and then push it down.
  5. Lion Twirls with Ball
    1. Movement – brings hands close together (palms face each other), without touching. Hands are down in front at crotch level. Slowly raise arms in front to shoulder level making a half circle then pull back hands towards mouth/throat. Open hands by raising elbows (keep shoulders relaxed) so palms face down (finger tips almost touching); slowly push palms down past chest, heart, stomach and stop at Dan Tian. Turn palms up and raise them to shoulder level as if holding a ball. Turn palms in toward chest and pull them in close to chest. Slowly lower them to heart, move down to stomach, and then to Dan Tian.
    2. Imagination – imagine you are a lion playing with a ball. The ball is a conduit for transferring energy between your hands.
    3. Breathing – inhale as raise arms bringing fresh energy into your body, push it into the Dan Tian as you exhale; allow the new energy to replace your old energy. Inhale as arms raise a second time, exhale as hands pull back to chest; inhale as hands pass heart. Then exhale, inhale, and exhale again as hands lower to stomach.
    4. Energy – bring fresh energy up and then into body. Sink energy down past the chest, heart, stomach, and finally Dan Tian. Again, gather fresh energy from the universe; bring it into chest, heart, and stomach. Think: chest is very healthy, clean; heart is strong; stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen, and intestines are very well.
  6. Peacock Fans Tail
    1. Movement – open hands out to side palm up, reach hands overhead in a wide arc; when hands are overhead eyes look at hands, palms face each other. Point finger tips at each other – press palms down in front along your centerline all the way to the Dan Tian. Repeat arm movement so hands are overhead once again. Turn palms down so they are over the Bai Hui. Move palms down in front – this time turn palms in; past eyes, nose, mouth – open mouth; continue down to chest, heart, stomach and finally Dan Tian.
    2. Imagination – think you are a beautiful peacock fanning your colorful tail.
    3. Breathing – first movement: inhale as whole stretches and opens, exhale as body drops and relaxes. Second movement: inhale as stretch; when hands are over Bai Hui exhale, inhale, then exhale; inhale at eyes, exhale at nose, inhale at mouth, exhale at chest, heart inhale, at stomach exhale, inhale, then exhale again.
    4. Energy – as open and rise pull in fresh energy, at apex bring energy from heaven and into head; as hands move down accumulate energy into chest, stomach and Dan Tian. Bring more fresh energy up and into Bai Hui; image brain, eyes, nose, mouth, chest, heart, stomach, and all internal organs healthy and strong.
  7. Paired Swallows Skim Upon Water
    1. Movement – shift to right side, both arms stretch out palms down (relax). Shift to left side and pull back hands past stomach, keep joints relaxed; shift back to right repeating movement back and forth.
    2. Imagination – keep joints relaxed and imagine flowing movement like two swallows (male and female) skimming above water surface then flying out then back to waters surface.
    3. Breathing – inhale stretch out, exhale as you pull back and relax.
    4. Energy – both arms stretch out with palms down, pull back to stroke energy.
  8. Figure Eight Emitting Fragrance
    1. Movement – end previous movement on right side, turn right hand (upper palm) in to face left (fingertips point away from body). Shift weight, right hand push past nose left hand sweeps to left side. Switch arms similar to wave clouds and repeat movement to right side. Relax arms by sinking shoulders, elbows, and wrists.
    2. Imagination – think of a figure eight in front of body; hands make the figure when moving. Imagine you are collecting clean fresh air and moving it past your nose.
    3. Breathing – pull back and exhale, inhale as stretch out to side while hands rise.
    4. Energy – right hand push energy, left hand caresses energy – the movement stimulates or creates more fresh energy for you to inhale into lungs.
  9. Wind Brushes Emerald Willows
    1. Movement – finish previous movement on right side both palms face each other; pull back while shifting weight to left – relax whole body. Sweep arms back and forth in unison with movement of entire body. Be gentle, slow, and relaxed.
    2. Imagination – you are a willow tree, the wind from the north blows you left or south. Then the wind from the south blows you back to the right (north).
    3. Breathing – pull back exhale – stretch out inhale;
    4. Energy – hold yin and yang energy; as you sweep gather qi from the universe.
  10. Rotate Universe to the Right
    1. Movement – both arms sweep to right side then continue overhead, twist torso to the left and drop arms slowly and gently. When on right side, right hand is on top; when on left side then left hand is on top – hands switch when overhead and the torso twists. Make one complete circle.
    2. Imagination – You are standing on top of mountain, moving the universe.
    3. Breathing – inhale as you reach up, exhale as you drop.
    4. Energy – imagine hands hold a ball of yin and yang energy; twisting of your body generates more universal qi.
  11. Rotate Universe to the Left
    1. Movement – completing the previous movement (one circle) change direction to the left. Same form as before, but this time make one-and-a-half circles. Finish the half-circle with both hands directly overhead – turn torso to front palms also face front. 
    2. Imagination – same as #10
    3. Breathing – inhale stretch, exhale relax and drop
    4. Energy – holding the universe gather yin and yang energy.
  12. Water Cascades Down High Mountains
    1. Movement – waist bends slightly forward and knees bend; both hands slowly push down in front in coordination with body. As you lean forward hands swing behind (arms horizontal to ground). Fingers come together as if grasping something; swing arms gently forward and up as knees and torso straighten. Continue to move hands up about 45° above shoulder level; open hands and repeat movement. At the completion of the downward movement both hands should stop with palms facing kidneys and fingers pointing together toward the Ming Men.
    2. Imagination – think of water falling from a high mountain. Imagine you are standing in front of waterfall – your hands follow the flowing water down.
    3. Breathing – exhale as you push hands down and relax body; inhale as you grab and rise. Repeat movement and breathing, when you reach behind the second time inhale and exhale while holding hands at kidneys (do not touch body).
    4. Energy – both hands collecting energy down and push it back. Grab energy and pull it up – gathering more yin and yang energy from the universe. Stroke this energy as your hands and body lower. Bring the energy into your Ming Men and kidneys (imagine your kidneys are healthy).
  13. Wind Swirls Lotus Flowers From Inside to Outside
    1. Movement – beginning from last movement both hands are behind at kidneys; bring them forward around the waist turn palms up when they are by your side and then gradually turn palms down as they move in front of stomach. Extend arms then make a flat circle with each hand moving to the outside (left goes counter clockwise, right goes clock wise); bring hands back to stomach and stretch out again then pull hands back to stomach – palms face inward. Bend knees and lean forward slightly; when you extend straighten legs and pike hips to the rear – weight shifts slightly forward to the toes. Keep hands at stomach level. When pulling hands back weight shifts to the center of your foot by flexing knees and bringing hips forward.
    2. Imagination – think your hands like the wind blowing and gently moving the leaves of the flower.
    3. Breathing – inhale stretching out to make a half circle and exhale when hands return to body completing the first circle. Second circle: inhale stretching out for first half of circle, then exhale, inhale, and exhale again when pulling hands in towards (palms facing) stomach.
    4. Energy – as your hands make circle imagine you are caressing the universal energy making it stronger. Then gather it and pull it into your stomach. Imagine your liver, intestines, and pancreas is healthy and full of qi.
  14. Wind Swirls Lotus Flowers From Outside to Inside
    1. Movement – same as previous form but hands move in opposite direction. Beginning with hands in front of stomach each palm makes a half-circle (left goes clockwise, right goes counter clockwise).
    2. Imagination – think your hands are like the wind blowing and gently moving the leaves of the flower.
    3. Breathing – inhale stretch out as you make the outside of a circle by going forward, exhale relax and come back to center making inside of circle.  Inhale again by stretching and going forward, exhale, inhale, and exhale again when pulling hands in towards (palms facing) stomach.
    4. Energy – make yin and yang energy and pull it into abdomen to revitalize organs.
  15. Embrace Yin & Yang (right hand on top)
    1. Movement – ending from last position turn both hands to face each other (left hand underneath). Slowly rise and separate hands – do not move your arms too much, keep them relaxed, instead use the stretching of the body to move hands. Open torso and chest, straighten legs and then relax allowing hands to come close together, but do not touch.
    2. Imagination – both hands hold yin-yang ball of energy. When you open body allow energy to course through your whole body – head to heaven, feet to earth. Separate from Dan Tian then combine yin & yang together.
    3. Breathing – inhale as you rise then exhale as you relax.
    4. Energy – imagine energy push you up and causes hands to open; then compress the energy into your Dan Tian as you relax.
  16. Embrace Yin & Yang (left hand on top)
    1. Movement – same as previous form keeping elbows down and shoulders relaxed. When you relax and complete compression of hands switch them so right hand is underneath.
    2. Imagination – same as #15
    3. Breathing – same as #15
    4. Energy – same as #15
  17. Colored Butterflies Dance in Air
    1. Movement – both hands drop down and face each other in front of your groin. Slowly open hands out to the sides about 45° as you stretch whole body. Relax body and allow arms to drop down in front palms facing each other. Remember to keep shoulders relaxed; allow movement to occur naturally – feel the expansion as you rise and a settling as you relax and drop by flexing knees.
    2. Imagination – two butterflies: male and female are flying in the air and dancing. One hand is male and the other is female; they fly away from each other and then come together again.
    3. Breathing – inhale as you stretch, exhale as you relax body
    4. Energy – let the energy fill you, expanding your entire body. Then push the energy down and collect it in front of you.
  18. Water Beads Rolling on Lotus Leaves (right hand on top, clockwise)
    1. Movement – bring both hands up to center of torso (left underneath). Both hands slowly make a small circle by going in clockwise direction. Do not allow hands to touch.
    2. Imagination – water beads sit on the surface of lotus leaves. Imagine you are rolling the beads on your palm. You must be gentle and apply very light pressure or you will break the beads.
    3. Breathing – breathe naturally.
    4. Energy – as you circle your hands imagine you are making energy or rolling a small ball of energy between your palms.
  19. Water Beads Rolling on Lotus Leaves (left hand on top, counter-clockwise)
    1. Movement – After completing several clockwise circles with right hand on top allow the hands to change positions. Slowly make small circles by going in counter-clockwise direction. These are not really two separate movements, but one in the same.
    2. Imagination – same as #18
    3. Breathing – same as #18
    4. Energy – same as #18
  20. Qi Sinks to Dan Tian
    1. Movement – begin with both hands at groin level with palms facing each other and fingertips pointing down. Turn palms up and out to sides then slowly stretch whole body as palms rise overhead stopping at Bai Hui (finger tips point towards each other). Press palms to head then bring elbows in and down so that hands naturally turn to pointing up and cover face. Pause for a second and then move hands to chest – palms facing you, elbows to side. Continue to move hands down to heart, pause then move to stomach, pause then bring hands together by touching Dan Tian. For men, left hand is on top; women should have right hand on top or outside position with left hand against body. Note: for men left hand is yang and right is yin. For women, right hand is yang and left is yin. Heaven is big universe and earth is smaller; heaven is yang and earth is yin. The heavens or sky covers the earth.
    2. Imagination – energy from heavens comes down through your head and into Dan Tian. Use your hands as the connection between heaven and earth; your body is a conduit for the flow of yang and yin energy.
    3. Breathing – inhale as you stretch up then exhale, inhale, and exhale again as your hands are over the Bai Hui. Inhale to face, exhale to face, inhale to heart, then exhale, inhale, and exhale again at stomach. When hands touch Dan Tian breathe naturally.
    4. Energy – pull fresh yin energy up from earth and connect it to yang energy from the sky. Bring the two together and focus it into your Bai Hui – think your brain is healthy. Cover face and imagine your eyes, nose, and mouth are well. Then as hand pause over chest, heart, and stomach imagine each of your organs is strong and full of vitality. Finally, store all fresh energy into Dan Tian.

The Ming Men or “gate of life" is located beneath the two kidneys, and opposite the navel.